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028 4 0 _aKS2051
035 _a(OCoLC)173984166
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041 1 _afre
050 4 _aPN1997.2
_bC87 2007
082 0 4 _a791.43/72
245 0 2 _aA curtain raiser
_h[videorecording] :
_band other shorts /
_cCentre national de la cinématographie ; produced by Cécile Vacheret ; written and directed by François Ozon.
260 _aBrooklyn, NY :
300 _a1 videodisc (ca. 132 min.) :
_bsd., col. ;
_c4 3/4 in.
490 1 _aKimStim collection
500 _aTitle from container.
500 _aDVD release of several short films originally produced between 1993 and 2006.
500 _aA curtain raiser is based on Henry de Montherlant's play Un incompris.
500 _aSpecial feature: director's biography.
508 _aA curtain raiser: Cinematography, Yorick Le Saux ; editing, Muriel Breton. X2000: Fidélité Productions ; producers, Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier ; cinematography, Pierre Stoeber ; editing, Dominique Petrot. Bed scenes: Local Films ; produced by Nicolas Brevière ; cinematography, Yorick Le Saux, Mathieu Vadepied ; editing, François Ozon. Little death: Fidélité Productions ; producers, Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier ; cinematography, Yorick Le Saux ; editing, Frédéric Massiot ; written by Didier Blasco and François Ozon. Truth or dare: Fidélité Productions ; producer, Olivier Delbosc ; cinematography, Yorick Le Saux ; editing, François Ozon. A rose between us: FEMIS ; produced by Ingrid Gogny ; cinematography, Sylvia Calle ; editing, Sylvie Ballyot ; written by Nicolas Mercier and François Ozon. Victor: FEMIS ; cinematography, Sylvia Calle ; editing, Thierry Bordes ; written by Nicolas Mercier and François Ozon.
511 1 _aA curtain raiser: Mathieu Amalric, Louis Garrel, Vahina Giocante. X2000: Denise Schropfer Aron, Bruno Slagmulder. Bed scenes: Valérie Druguet, Camille Japy, François Delaive, Evelyne Ker, Loïc Even, Lucia Sanchez, François Genty, Pascale Arbillot, Margot Abascal, Bruno Slagmulder, Sébastien Charles. Little death: Camille Japy, François Delaive, Jacques Martial. Truth or dare: Farida Rahmatoullah, Aylin Argun, Fabien Billet, Adrien Pastor. A rose between us: Rodolphe Lesage, Sasha Hails. Victor: François Genty, Isabelle Journeau.
520 _aA curtain raiser: Bruno and his friend Pierre are waiting for Rosette in Bruno's Parisian bachelor flat. She is late again, but this time, Bruno's mind is made up: if Rosette makes them wait for more than 45 minutes, it will be over between them.
520 _aX2000: The first morning of the new millennium. Three naked couples sleep, make love, and awake in an empty skyscraper littered with party debris. The world is silent and pregnant with new possibilities.
520 _aBed scenes: Seven bed scenes around various couples. A series of liberated comic sketches on sexual etiquette, unbridled passion, and post-coital aftertastes.
520 _aLittle death: A devastating look at family relations. Paul, a young photographer who specializes in capturing men in ecstasy, hasn't spoken to his father in years. When his sister persuades him to visit his dying father in the hospital, Paul discovers that he can never escape his origins.
520 _aTruth or dare: Four teens discover the pain and excitement of emerging sexuality while playing a harmless children's game.
520 _aA rose between us: An eccentric British woman picks up a young apprentice hairdresser on a wild night in Paris.
520 _aVictor: A young man of good breeding keeps his dead parents in the bedroom of their sumptuous family cottage. Then begins a rebirth full of discoveries.
505 0 0 _tA curtain raiser =
_tUn lever de rideau
_g(2006) (30 min.) --
_g(1998) (5:00) --
_tBed scenes =
_tScènes de lit
_g(1997) (26:00) --
_tLittle death =
_tLa petite mort
_g(1995) (26:00) --
_tTruth or dare =
_tAction vérité
_g(1994) (4:00) --
_tA rose between us =
_tUne rose entre nous
_g(1994) (27:00) --
_g(1993) (14:00).
538 _aDVD.
546 _aFrench dialogue with English subtitles; English notes on container.
600 1 0 _aMontherlant, Henry de,
_vFilm adaptations.
650 0 _aTardiness
650 0 _aSex
650 0 _aMan-woman relationships
655 7 _aErotic films.
655 7 _aShort films.
655 7 _aFilm adaptations.
655 7 _aForeign films
700 1 _aVacheret, Cécile.
700 1 _aOzon, François,
700 1 _aGarrel, Louis.
700 1 _aAmalric, Mathieu,
700 1 _aJapy, Camille.
700 1 _aDelaive, François.
700 1 _aSlagmulder, Bruno.
700 1 _aMontherlant, Henry de,
710 2 _aCentre national de la cinématographie (France)
710 2 _aFidélité Productions.
710 2 _aLocal Films (Firm)
710 2 _aKimStim, Inc.
830 0 _aKimStim collection.
942 _2ddc
999 _c13029